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"Leah’s workshop was brilliantly mad and totally refreshing and Leah comes across as a truly beautiful soul who doesn’t take herself too seriously. It was such a relief to just let go! Thank you so much for such an alternative evening, it will stay with me for a very long time. Namaste" Jacky, Surrey. Shamanic Yoga

"I have found peace and happiness in the last six months I have been doing yoga with you. I can't thank you enough for how you have helped me." Deb student

"I would like to express how good your classes have been for me. The lat few months have been hard and the space you hold has been of a great help. I have cried a lot on that mat and a lot has been freed up. So I thank you deeply for facilitation this space for me." K, class student.

"Thanks Leah...that was special. A singularly spiritual, heart-focused experience." Rik, student

"Fabulous, inspiring, uplifting and emotional, thank you for opening a whole new sphere of yoga to me" - Shamanic Yoga workshop participant.

"Absolutely amazing experience, loved it and got rid of all the garbage" Shamamic Yoga

"Thank you for a beautiful night of self indulgence into the realm of relaxation, healing and love" Michelle Serenity Session

"Wonderful, Buzzing,Alive, Fresh! Powerful and Strong. And Leah does everything from the heart" Shamanic Yoga workshop

"Very moving and deeply transformational, thank you so much" Karina, shamanic yoga workshop

"Thank you for an inspirational evening. Bringing light into our lives - Helen. Serenity Session

"Leah as a teacher is fantastic. She approaches every session with great enthusiasm and gusto. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to learn from such a wonderful tutor"- Ian G. student

"Leah's unique insight to yoga makes her classes thought provoking and challenging. Her message to us all is clear- we have the ability to get SO MUCH out of our lives" - Ed and Rita B, class students

"I love how I feel after my class with Leah,my body feels open, my thoughts positive. And it's normally the most restful night's sleep I have"- Julie C, Leeds

We had such a special day, thank you Leah it was thought provoking and uplifting. Allison. Shamanic Yoga

Your energy and passion from beginning to end were amazing. A truly brilliant and enlightening experience for mind, body and soul. Carol Shamanic Yoga

"The Friday Night Serenity Session should be made compulsory" - Tracy

"There was a strong feeling of friendship, togetherness, warmth, peace and love throughout the evening. The music and candles were beautiful. I enjoyed everything about the session" Serenity Session

"I attended your session at the BWY Festival, and found it moving, and beckoning. thank you for your generosity and inspiration and compassion" Christopher, Shamanic Yoga workshop.

" I have always loved the serenity evenings but this last one was so moving for me and I really experienced a profound deep sense of calm and love" S. Serenity Session.

"An oasis of tranquility in the busyness of daily life." Rik, Serenity Session

"Thank you for always being able to provide me with exactly what I need; I am so grateful" S. Webb, Serenity Session

"Thank you for a beautiful and blissful space.....i am looking forward to next time X" Carrie, Serenity Session

"My release today allowed me to see how much more I need to release ... Another blessing! And the most wonderful energy to work with ... I could go on and on ... xx thank you Leah" Julie, Shamanic Yoga.

"Love and light and joy and shouting and release your workshop was truly wonderful Leah. Depths and emotions challenged and engagedX bless you xxxx" Kay, Shamanic Yoga.

"Soo lovely and such a heart felt class! Transformational" Donna, Shamanic yoga.

"Thank you, Leah! You're probably the only person in the world to have ever made me sit down for three hours and feel that it was just what I should be doing!" -Chris C.

"Really enjoyed your class on Saturday, a lovely blissful start to the day" -
Maxine, London

"Thank you Leah for such an inspiring workshop at the Yoga Show"
- Margaret, London - Shamanic Yoga

"Thank you for a truly relaxing morning on a day I really didn't think I'd be able to unwind!" - Claire Serenity

"I never relax, but I did today. That was amazing."- KW

As I drove home tonight from our workshop, I was lighter , on a deeper level , than I have been for many years ..
What a magical set of processes. Michelle Shamanic Yoga

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