This was so moving for me and I really experienced a profound deep sense of calm and love.

"Thank you for a beautiful night of self indulgence into the realm of relaxation, healing and love"

RELAX UNWIND BREATHE - feel all your cares melt away and take time to pause and taste the sweetness in life

Taking time out from busy and stressful lives, emersing yourself in deep, healing relaxation, taking space for yourself to breathe and to be, can restore and recharge our batteries beyond measure.

A bespoke Serenity Session can be a real gift to yourself, because you really do deserve it, and you owe it to yourself. A tranquil space to surrender, to feel nurtured and supported, while giving yourself permission to leave behind your worries, and set aside all the things that you feel you "should" or "ought" to be doing.

The Session will be tailored to your needs, and will look to help you gently cleanse and release what no longer serves and create space to welcome in what you would like to manifest in your life. To create harmony, balance and healing. The space is available to work with rituals, intention, prayer and dedications.

Enjoy a session for yourself, with a loved one to forge a deeper connection and share precious time together, with friends, with colleagues: for a birthday, hen party, to help you get through a difficult time, to prepare you for a big event, to cleanse, to be still, to nourish, to listen, to heal, to energise, to quieten the mind.